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The Kedarnath Temple stands as a timeless testament to faith and spirituality amidst the majestic Himalayan landscape. Set against a backdrop of towering peaks and swirling mist, the temple's ancient stone walls exude a sense of enduring strength and serenity. Wisps of clouds drift lazily around its spires, adding to the ethereal atmosphere. The temple's architecture, with its intricate carvings and ornate details, speaks to centuries of devotion and reverence. As sunlight filters through the clouds, casting a golden glow upon the temple, one can't help but feel a profound sense of awe and reverence in its presence.

Buy Kedarnath Original Handmade Painting at Lowest Price By Rashika Arts.

Size: 9in x 12in

Medium:  Acrylic color

Surface:  Canvas

Artwork: Original

Created in: 2024

Quality: Museum Quality - 100% Hand-painted

To be delivered as: Rolled

Artist Sign and Certificate Provided

Return Policy:
7 days applicable from delivery date.