General Terms & conditions:

I authorise "” to sell my painting I have uploaded on website & through it’s other partner channels.
I also authorise to use my paintings for any promotion activity which help them to sell my paintings.
I agree that all pieces of uploaded artwork are my original & created by me, and not copy/reproduced/similar paintings of known or unknown artists
I agree that all my paintings are 100% handmade and I haven't used any machined process for its creation (like canvas transfers, paint on prints etc).
I certify that all the documents uploaded by me on belong to me, original, certified & approved by Govt. of India.
I understand that any discrepancies on documents or information shared by me is liable to legal action & lead

Charges & Payments:

I authorise to add (25% + 12% GST) margin on final price quoted by me, this marginal cost covers commission, GST and other charges.
I understand that the amount I will receive from after selling my painting will be the actual price I quoted while uploading the artwork.
I understand that I will receive my payments after 10 days, buyer receive the artwork, following with 7 days returning policy.
I understand that I will receive the payment in my account which I have updated in my profile on


Any damaged painting will not be accepted & returned to you. So please ensure you use good quality packaging material.
I understand that within 2 days of order received, I have to courier the painting to Gallerist team at Mumbai office, failing the same may cancel my order.
I hereby confirm that I will not send the painting which is damaged by any mean or has any error or mistake by any ways.
I understand that any damage happens during couriering the painting to Gallerist team at Mumbai will be borne by me & with accepting the responsibility I will take return of the same.
I accept that the courier or any transportation charges will be borne by me, in sending the painting to Gallerist team at Mumbai office.
I accept that the annual registration fee is non refundable.

If you still have any questions please contact our customer care