Collecting art has drifted away from being just a hobby to a money churning business opportunity. With the economic boom in India, many have moved a notch higher in the economic affluence ladder. This has not only empowered them to explore their passion but also to invest in opportunities that could help them reap benefits in the future.


Art is one sector that has gained a lot from the economic boom and Indian Art Collectors are wasting no time in cashing in. As people begin to appreciate and invest in different art forms, the balance between demand and supply is distorted, thereby shooting the prices and profits of acclaimed artworks to dizzying heights. All these factors have resulted into a tremendous increase in the list of Indian Art Collectors.


However, investing in the right artwork is by no means an easy feat as it takes the knowledge and patience of the highest level. Here’s a look at three points one must consider before purchasing an artwork.


1) Listen to your inner instincts:

Explore your creative side by browsing through various art forms, artists and platforms before you are really inspired. Art galleries online act as an ideal platform as they offer one an option of exploring a wide range of artworks at the comfort of their home and at a time that is convenient for them.


2) Research:

If an artist or a specific piece of art has caught your attention, ensure that know all the details including that of the artist, his/her history, reputation, location of the art, market value, previous owner of the artwork if any, the genre (landscape or figurative art), medium (photography or engravings), technique (watercolors, pastels), etc.


3) Plan:

The enthusiasm of Indian Art Collectors must not be the only factor behind a purchase. Make a slow start, have a predefined budget, objective, expectation and acquaint yourself with the process before you take a leap. Your sense of judgment is bound to get better with time but having these parameters defined for you will always help you make the right choice.