Right from childbirth, an infant gets quite effortlessly attracted to objects of bright colors and shapes and hence tries to grab and sense their beauty. This is his first venture into understanding art.

As the infant grows into a toddler and then a teenager, he develops better understanding, sharpened senses and becomes more aware of shapes, colors and objects in nature. He then takes the next step by trying to scribble or imitate these aspects through illustrations on paper, canvas, or by craft and sculpture.

Later as an adult with fully developed cognitive abilities, he tries to excel in this quest of understanding and capturing art with aid of well-enhanced sketching and hand skills. In doing so he adds his own personal traits and styles to art.

In fact, it would not be an overstatement to define Art as a human’s sixth sense. It is the exceptional ability of a human to appreciate aesthetics and colors around him and extraordinary talent of transforming them into painting, sculpture, architecture or craft that not only serenade him but also a spectacle and spellbind many to become art lovers. In other words, it is one of the most powerful and talent-rich handiwork of man.

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