When you plan to buy a house you take factors like ventilation, locality, amenities, etc. into consideration. Along with suggestions from friends, colleagues, elders; there are many house owners who also take Vastu Shastra tips. Vastu paintings are known to bring posivity in one's life.According to Vastu, placement of items in your house in specific directions matter a lot since they are all connected to ‘eternal energy levels’ and can bring peace & prosperity in your life. Your life begins to change when you are in a relationship and you would intend that the relationship with your loved one blossoms with each passing day. Different kinds of paintings & idols are considered to bring positive vibrations; hence some couples decorate their bedroom walls with Lord Krishna Paintings, Ganesha Paintings, etc. in their house. Radha-Krishna symbolizes eternal and unconditional love. That is why people prefer to have Radha krishna paintings in their bedroom to create an aura of selfless love, and peace.

Why a Radha Krishna Painting is considered auspicious? As per Hindu Mythology, Lord Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Radha is the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Their love story is a symbol of eternal love and togetherness; hence it is considered a source to ignite love and compassion between couples. It is widely known that their love story also had a phase of separation, due to which the days of happiness were short. In any relation, there would be moments of love, tension, & happiness, but it is very important that you react to every occasion in a more mature manner. During moments of tension you might be having with your better half, a Radha Krishna painting in your bedroom can help you in easing out the pressure and calming your mind.

According to Vastu Shastra, apart from the bedroom, if you have a Radha Krishna painting on the wall opposite to the main entrance can keep all the tensions away and prevent any issues that might occur in your married life.

Every person needs a life partner who is caring in nature and it is believed that having a Radha Krishna painting in the bedroom can help to get a loving life partner. It is considered inauspicious to have paintings of any other Deities in the bedroom and by looking at the Radha Krishna paintings; couples can develop unconditional love for each other. While selecting the painting for your bedroom, you should have a look at the size of the painting, material being used for the painting and the surface on which it is drawn.You need to choose the right  painting so that you can look at it whenever there are tensions in your relationship or when you aspire your ‘loving relationship’ to be eternal like ‘Radha Krishna’.

So, next time your relationship is going through a ‘rocky patch, do remember that you have an eternal solution in ‘Radha Krishna Paintings’!