Art is not only a means to express but also a skill that is widely appreciated and adored. Art in India has always thrown up some interesting talents who have gone on to leave an everlasting impression. Here’s a look at some of the upcoming artist who are bound to make a mark soon.

"I only give expression to the instincts from my soul." - Artist M. F. Husain

Art is a profession that has been in existence since ancient times. Just like a child who loves playing with colours, an artist expresses the world of possibilities and feelings without being affected by the influential world. And as the world heaps praises and rewards for the art, the artist slowly reaches a new life goal through every painting.

India, being the cultural hub of fine paintings, Indian painters is highly sought after when it comes to making art talk, to one and all.  

Let’s know a little about the top 17 emerging talents in the field of Indian Art. Please note that it’s not a ranking rather a analysis representation of artist registered on, during analysis we considered following parameters

 - No. of paintings exhibited

 - Value & Number of Paintings sold through

 - Artist Profile views

 - Social shares of Artist's Profile

 - Paintings quality & detailing

 - Artist profile summery

 - Experience & Exhibition participation

Bijendra Pratap

(Watercolors & Acrylic colourist)

A self-inspired artist, Bijendra fell in love with colors and at an early age. Apart from the aforesaid thematic and manner of presenting his urge, Bijendra always emphasized on the space alignment as a significant part of the technical aspect of his art practice.

The process of starting from perceiving worldly or intellect level, up to execution at the working space pleases him immensely. Participating in exhibitions from across the globe, Brijendra is on his glorious path to paint the world with his colours.

Bijendra has more than 85 artworks on, you can also look at his exhibitions, Awards & recognitions on the website.


Shankar Thakur

(Water colourist)

A Delhi based contemporary watercolorist, Shankar refuses to admit that water is colorless, shapeless and odorless. This occurred to him when he joined the Art College at Kolkata. There he picked a brush, dipped it in color and turned to the blank canvas for the first time. Ever since, he has never looked back.

Shankar believes that there are countless artistic souls trying to capture the beauty of nature on their blank canvases. Whether it’s a clear sky, a landscape or a flock of birds heading home at dusk, the picture simply doesn’t leave you. Hours later, you desperately try to bring that out on your canvas. But unfortunately, the end result doesn’t please you. Reason –The absence of knowledge of using watercolors. So, watercolors are like a dream and bring your pictures to life.

Shankar also added that watercolors are difficult to use because usage of watercolors demands certain amount of expertise. Watercolor paintings depend on the feeling of light and shadow of an object from nature. Watercolor paintings are considered a unique way, to creatively represent dreams, illusions, emotions, and bright feelings using water-soluble pigments. Hence, they call for a great deal of precision and control. Sankar has listed 64 water colour paintings for sale on


Girish chandra Vidyaratna

(Watercolors & Acrylic colourist)

Girish Chandra Vidyaratna was born in Balrampur district, which is known as historic Awadh region in Uttar Pradesh. Girish started painting by drawing alongside his elder brother. His mother supported & encouraged him to pursue art.

Girish says that he takes inspiration from Nature & especially like to capture beautiful flowers and trees in his paintings. He is also fascinated by modern culture & society patterns. He loves to spend time at various ghats in Varanasi city, observing people and capturing their activities on canvas. As an artist, he wants his paintings to reach every nook and corner of this world.

Girish has exhibited more than 100 paintings on, have a look at his exhibitions, Awards & recognitions here.


Chan Siva

(Acrylic colourist)

A self-learner, Chan Siva picked up his passion and used the encouragement from his friends to excel at Indian art.  He excels at the bold use of colours to depict his surroundings.

He is the Winner of the Shiva International Art Hunt & also exhibited his painting in Madras Market 3 & Madras Market 5, Urban Hands 2 & Urban Hands 3, Sunday Soul Sante. Chan Siva’s paintings will leave you stunned. Do visit his profile on


Chetan Katigar  

(Oil & Acrylic colourist)

Born in the state of Karnataka, Chetan believes that Art as a notion has no simple definition. According to him, art is the voice of an artist, a powerful interpretation of his/her deepest thought, hidden emotion and stronger desires.

The images that he creates are coined from personal experience, fear, and interest. These ideas expressed are better perceived through art than spoken. Chetan’s oil paint paintings are listed here.


Biju Puthiyapurail

(Ballpoint Pen & Oil colourist)

​Biju firmly believes that there's an artist in every human being. However, many of us don’t explore ourselves. Biju says that “the whole idea of art is based on visualization, art speaks for itself.” Biju is a Human Resources practitioner by profession working in the Aviation industry and never had formal learning in any form of art.

He loves to play with colors, which go beyond obsession, like doing black & white sketches with normal black ballpoint pen; nevertheless he has done watercolors, acrylic, oil paints on paper and canvas as well.

Photography is another hobby he pursues. This self-learned artist share credits saying that “I’m learning/practicing from all the great guardians of art, who inspire my creative thinking, vision, and passion.” Biju’s work includes some delightfully intricate sketches. Biju’s 60 artwork collection at is truly amazing.


Satyajit Chanda

(Acrylic, Water & Oil Colors, Charcoal colourist)

A former exhibitor of Indian Artists around the country, Satyajit loves to use colors depicting the different moods of living by the shores. Satyajeet is a art graduate from Govt. College of Art and Craft, Kolkata & did M.F.A in Graphics from M.S University, Baroda.

His artworks have been exhibited in Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata), D D Neroy Art Gallery (Mumbai), AKS Art Gallery (Mumbai), Jahangir Art Gallery (Mumbai), Prince of wales Museum, Bharat Bhavan (Bhopal) and many more. Satyajit’s charcoal paintings & other media paintings for sale can be accessed in his portfolio.


A. B. Kaser

(Acrylic & Oil colourist)

A.B. Kaser started modestly, taking inspiration from his father’s work. Mr. Kaser told us “In my childhood days, whenever I found my father making a painting in my house, I used to sit beside him silently and look seriously for long hours. There was a strong curiosity in me to see the whole work till it was completed.

Although my father never taught me painting, as he had a fear of my involvement in art. He never wanted me to choose art as a career. He always insisted me to make my focus more on studies first”. Following father’s instructions he chose to study science, mathematics then followed technical/Engineering route but his interest and love for art remained constant.

Constant interest converted into passion and Kaser could not stop himself to start the journey of art despite facing so many obstacles in his life.

He says “art is not only a passion but is an inner journey towards pacifying the turbulence of emotions, keeping the state of mind meditating, depicting the sound of mind and heart into visual form or language.” As an artist, he wants to develop many styles of his own. A. B. Kaser has a great collection of acrylic paintings for sale.


Neeraj Parswal

(Acrylic & Water colourist)

Neeraj sells her work throughout the world from a modest setting in Meerut. She is known for her flair in watercolor paintings and emotions that swell up in each and every artwork.

Today she is associated with most prestigious art galleries and institutions around the world, National Geographic Society the parent body of National Geographic Channel awarded her free membership for her creativity and quality of work. She is selling her original paintings, custom made paintings, prints and portraits in International market. Her paintings are inspired by emotions, and are open to the world to buy paintings.


Shiv Kumar Soni

(Acrylic colourist)

In paintings, Shiv wants to show his collection of thoughts he has been gathering since childhood. He likes small things, moments, imaginations of his life like kites, birds, balloons, toys, playing in rain, imagining himself over the clouds, flying with kites and many such beautiful moments which almost everyone lives once in their life.

He is a graduate in visual art & has exhibited his artwork in Jawahar Kala Kendra (Jaipur), Lalit Kala Academy (Jaipu), Agnipath National Art Exhibition (New Delhi) and many more. Shiv has exhibited 34 acrylic paintings on, a leading online art gallery in India.


Seby Augustine

(Acrylic colourist)

From the backwaters of Kerala, Seby has found inspiration in different forms of life and crafted them in his work. Being a dreamer by nature, it turned him initially as a graphic designer and later as an artist.

He credits his surroundings, nature, people, the places, and the incidents that have taken place in his life as an inspiration. Seby has been exhibiting his artworks on all top online galleries in India.


Anupam Pal

(Acrylic colourist)

Anupam Pal has an implausible personality with brilliant talent and absolute zeal for redefining the culture of artisanship. He belongs to Jamshedpur and has dedicated himself to create Indian style painting of exclusive style and ultimate forms.

Since the time Anupam took art, he has been creating a myriad of exquisite paintings. The reflection of his visionary shades & the brush strokes can deliberately be seen in his DIAM ART painting and spiritual art Paintings. Anupam’s world-renowned paintings are for sale on best online gallery.   


Anuj Malhotra

(Acrylic Colors, Mix Media colourist)

An Indian artist associated with a lot of online art exhibition sites, Anuj’s paintings are contemporary with a blend of acrylic and mixed mediums. His compositions are an earnest effort to bring forth a new perspective filled with imagination.

We often forgo the simple pleasures while we seek something better in pursuit of surviving this life. His paintings are attempts to play with all that, which goes unnoticed and unsaid; to all that we wait for in a day and more over to all that the unknowable future holds. Anuj has exhibited his original handmade paintings on Gallerist.


Devirani Dasgupta

(Mixed Media, Acrylic colourist)

Devi Rani Dasgupta is a self-taught expressionist painter from a small town situated in North Bihar. She is a zoology graduate.

At early age when her other cousins used to play, she enjoyed drawing with chalk on floor. Later, she learned painting from many renowned artists of India. She was highly influenced by the famous Folk arts of Bihar and West Bengal, known as Madhubani painting and Pot Chitra. She practices both type of arts & mastered in it.

Devirani likes to work on landscape and figurative, but her preference is human expression based on compositions using her folk art and surrealistic skills. She likes to apply rich and bright colors in different layers completing by bold strokes and textures.

Her painting has a unique style of surrealism and fantasy. She uses designs in her composition both in subject and background, which gives it a royal appearance. She believes in experimenting with her work and keep exploring beyond appreciation. Devirani has showcased her unique mixed media paintings on


Aparna Warade

(Oil & Acrylic colourist)

For Aparna, painting is beyond the word 'hobby', she is a self-taught artist. She started exploring different media and styles of paintings to let her expressions come on canvas.

She is always eager to bring new things on canvas. She likes to express happiness, beauty, joy and love through her paintings. Her fabulous collection of paintings for sale is listed on Gallerist.


Goutami Mishra

(Oil colourist)

Goutami loves portraying landscape and portraits through oil paintings. She also loves capturing animals on her canvas.

She was an IT professional but quit her job to pursue her passion & took up painting as a career. He has created more than 25 artworks on various themes. Her paintings are displayed on online art gallery


Ramya Sadasivam

(Oil colourist)

It is safe to say that Indian art is in safe hands with the refreshing portrayal of the Indian women in Ramya’s oil colour paintings. Ramya Sadasivam has been practicing art since 2006.

She loves to portray Indian culture, customs, day-to-day chores of the hard working laborers, happy village life and life of women. Her 4 original paintings for sale are displayed on Gallerist.


Amrita Das

(Acrylic colourist)

Amrita Das is a self-taught, Bhubaneswar-based Professional Artist, originally from Rourkela, India. Her paintings mostly comprises of modern and abstract art as oil paintings, acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings and mixed media.

The freedom and serendipity of the art form allows her to get lost in the process. Her aims as an artist are modest. In her own words: 'I hope to make people pause for just a moment. My inspiration is simple. To make beautiful paintings which is familiar, tangible and enduring.” We hope that she manages to do so. Amrita’s beautiful acrylic color paintings can be bought from

Considering all these talents, it would be safe to say the profession of art in India is in more than capable hand. You can take a look at the work of these artists in the collection of more than 3,000 paintings in various categories