#1 Seven Running horses painting for Vastu
Running horses are associated with speed, power and success. In this busy world where everyone wants to be successful, speed plays an important role. As per Vastu and Feng Shui hanging seven running horses painting  towards the main door entrance, leads to more success and power in life as well as profession.

#2 Horses painting as an investment
Investing in painting is a long-term return investment option. As soon as there is a demand for a particular genre of painting gaining strength, put up your investment for sale. The pricing here is more based on market trends and you need to detect the right buyer. So plan to invest only if you are confident enough to hold onto your purchase for as long as it would take to get you the fair price it deserves.  

#3 Art can become a Focal point of conversation
Art can be a conversation starter. They can uplift the mood, and transform any setting; they simply reflect your personalities. They become a focal point of conversation people might ask questions about where you found the art, what do you know about the artist, where did you buy the painting from?

#4 Motivation and Emotional stability
Good Paintings inspire and motivate you. They create positive energy around you and help ease your anxiety. It is believed that observing a piece of art releases dopamine, which ar chemicals that make us “happy” when released in the brains.

#5 Gifting 7 Horses Painting
Many people consider painting as gift, however 7 horses painting could also hold strong on the point of Vastu. Paintings can turn into treasure, people can relate to them in many ways. So by gifting Seven running horses painting to your loved one, remember you are gifting them a long life treasure, that will always remind them about you.