“Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw well, that you have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colours, and that you be a true poet. This last is essential.”

— Wassily Kandinsky


Every story has either of the facets – closed-ended or open-ended.  While the former portrays an objective conclusion, the latter is left more to the imagination, being subjective in nature. Such is the nature of paintings- paintings, which usually denote some sense of resemblance to an object, nature, scene etc., are the ones you usually see. On the other hand, paintings which are hard to interpret, and cannot be defined in a tangible sense are called as ‘Abstract paintings.’


Abstract paintings do not derive a subject or situation. Hence it is a mishmash of colours, shapes and everything in between. It gives the viewers something to think, something to imagine. While the painting remains a mystery, it lets the viewer delve into it and perceive his/her own meaning from the painting. Abstract art questions intellect and challenges one’s emotions.


Abstract art came into existence during the mid-twentieth century and it has been evolving since then. From a subjective representation of physical objects and scenes to an illustrative form of colors and shapes,Artists have always tried to explore new avenues of expressing their imagination to achieve an unprecedented sense of interpretation through abstract paintings.


With the development of new technologies and beliefs, there is an all-new cult in abstract paintings consisting of a world of boundless feelings of fears, passion, complexity, nature and several other aspects.


The biggest conundrum of an abstract painting is that the work is unintentional; it doesn’t intentionally look like the way it does. It can be based on the most pragmatic reality or can be as ambiguous as a mere thought.


Abstract paintings are purely derived from instincts. The work can be applied by dripping, stroking, soaking, splattering etc., there can be a pre-planned concept or an intuitive design. Moreover, the form of abstract paintings has also spread out in regards of textures, compositions and added dimensions. There are sand abstracts, hand paintings and literally anything that culminates into a beautiful end product.


Conclusively, understanding abstract paintings can be a no-win task, these paintings are meant to make you feel, meant to make you get lost in them.