Figurative Paintings are those paintings that are able portray paintings as seen in the real world. During some periods artists have striven towards creating an effect of an illusion, with images that seem to extend the real, 3D space of the viewer. At other times they have striven for realism - an impression of social reality. Beyond that, there has been virtually no limitation on a figurative painting’s visual possibilities; it has only to succeed in presenting a universally readable image.

The human figure has been a central focus in artistic cultures throughout history and today is no different in the case of figurative paintings.

The urge to record, invent, and manipulate the human image continues to captivate the attention of artists and inspire the creation of innovative, challenging work.

Right from the times of prehistoric cave painting, figurative painting has played a necessarily central role throughout every phase of art history. However astoundingly during years of Abstract Expressionism, figuration was shunned by the most advanced artists, for various reasons.