The modern art celebrated today for its uniqueness and contemporary aesthetics took over a century to gain this popularity. The early stages of the modern period of art observed the loss of popularity of traditional styles while initiating charming aesthetical blend to the paintings. One of the greatest innovations proved to be the birth of abstract art alongside the ordinary daily life features in paintings which were highly contrasting to the lofty traditional subjects. Not only this, the spectrum of modern art is composed of several genres which contribute to the art.

Modern art can be called as the ones which took form in the late 19th to the early or the mid 20th century and it is still evolving. They are the reflection of the interest of the artists in re-imagining and re-inventing the traditional art values and elements. The modern paintings focus more on ordinary subjects and elements of life rather than the traditional folk and lofty subjects of daily life instead of the bible subjects. It was the end of the conservative values with the preference of experimentation.

Several major movements in modern art history contributed to the present form of modern paintings. From the catalyst of impressionism to the vibes of abstract expressionism paintings, modern paintings have come a long way to mark their place. Instead of much of the art resembling folklores, gods and tales, modern paintings throw light on the real aspects of life which a person could relate to and understand the ideology put behind.

Explore the modern painters

Modern paintings are the most wonderful pieces of work you can relate to and adore. The artists who put in exceptional hard work to bring them to reality have always been applauded. Here are a few modern artists who greatly contributed to modern art.

1. Pablo Picasso – Highly praised as the most influential artist of the 20th century, his masterpieces and works include Guernica, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon and The Weeping Woman.

2. Vincent Van Gogh – The masterpiece ‘The Starry Night’ of the Post-impressionist artist alongside other famous works such as Sunflower Series and Irises Series speaks for him.

3.  Frida Kahlo – This former medical professional nurtured into a magnificent modern artist with her masterpiece being ‘The Two Fridas’ with other works like Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird and The Broken Column.

4. Henri Matisse – Accredited as one of the two giants of the 20th century, besides Picasso, he was a pioneer of expressionism with his masterpiece has La Danse and other works as The Joy of Life and The Red Studio.

Few of the greatest modern paintings

1. Hay Harvest at Eragny (1901) – Camille Pissar

2. Ciphers and Constellations, in Love with a Woman (1941) – Joan Miró

3. The Dream (1910) – Henri Rousseau

4. The Dream (1910) – Henri Rousseau

5. The Scream (1893) – Edvard Munch

6.  Hay Harvest at Eragny (1901) – Camille Pissarro