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Kripa (Blessings)

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"Behold the mesmerizing masterpiece that transcends time and culture - a captivating painting capturing the essence of spiritual fervor! At the heart of this resplendent artwork stands a youthful Indian Sadhu Baba, a beacon of devotion, attending the sacred Ganga Aarti. His countenance adorned with the ethereal grace of delicate rose petals, as if the very blessings of the divine cascade upon him. The air is laden with the aromatic essence of aarti diyas, their gentle smoke creating an otherworldly aura around him.

In the midst of this mystical setting, the Sadhu Baba plays a magnificent damru, its rhythmic beats resonating with the souls of those who witness this breathtaking scene. The vibrant colors breathe life into the canvas, infusing it with an undeniable energy that emanates both tradition and modernity, making it the perfect adornment for any home.
An unmistakable message lies beneath the brushstrokes - the age of devotion knows no boundaries. The youthful Sadhu Baba, aged between 20 to 30 years, stands as a testament that spiritual dedication knows no limitations of age. It beckons all, regardless of time and generation, to embrace the divine call within.
Gaze closely, and you shall find the timeless mantra 'Har Har Mahadev' inscribed with the auspicious swastik, a powerful emblem of prosperity and well-being. Together, they bestow blessings upon the dwelling, spreading harmony and positivity in its wake.
Let this resplendent painting grace your abode, transcending the realms of art, to remind all that devotion knows no barriers of age or era. Allow the aura of the Sadhu Baba, the magnificence of the Ganga Aarti, and the symbolism of Har Har Mahadev to kindle the eternal flame of spirituality within, embracing the divine in all its resplendent glory."

Buy Kripa (Blessings) Original Handmade Artwork at Lowest Price by Sourav Sinha.

Size: 36in x 48in

Medium:  Acrylic color

Surface:  Canvas

Artwork: Original

Created in: 2023

Quality: Museum Quality - 100% Hand-painted

To be delivered as: Rolled

Artist Sign and Certificate Provided

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7 days applicable from delivery date.