Painting is not just about painting your dreams or your nightmares; it’s also about painting your present - the reality. And figurative painting is all about that!


Figurative painting is the term, which came particularly in use since the arrival of abstract art to refer to artists that retain aspects of the real world as their subject matter, though in a general sense, figurative also applies retrospectively to all art before abstract art.


It is sometimes believed that the popularity of Figurative painting had reduced due to the invention of photography.  But like we say, an artist and his thoughts never die. Moreover, when his thoughts are conveyed through paintings, they can never be faded away in the chaos of the human world.


We take you to 3 reasons why you should buy figurative paintings online for your House :

Escapism from the comic and chaotic:

Often we tend to seek solitude to escape the chaos of the world. Trust us when we say that figurative paintings are the right art to choose for your house. Figurative paintings online are the best to invest in, as they are a colorful chaos of the reality, which would let you soar into your dreams without completely being far away from the reality.


  • Pay off in happiness:


Art, undeniably, is conductive to happiness. Art brings in life to your house, motivates, uplifts and even inspires you to be someone great. Figurative paintings are one such art that you buy and would pay off in happiness to your loved ones. If more people found the art of happiness through the sale of original art online, they would find the simple joys of life.


  • A classical portrayal of life:

Figurative painting allows for more-diverse cultural content—clothing, skin color, setting—than abstraction ever can. Each artist who creates inspiring figurative painting speaks to the present, and offer glimpses into the future. It envisions scenes that emphasize primal impulses and power struggles among human being too.

Today, figurative painting is experiencing an unprecedented revival, with a handful of artists who are regularly exhibiting at major institutions and galleries and whose works are minting money at auctions worldwide.

It’s a lesson that seems to demand to relearn every few years: For all the talk of figurative painting’s death in the face of technology and newer movements, the human body will never cease to fascinate, nor will artists ever stop tinkering with it. It’s time we appreciate the art of the reality by buying figurative paintings online.