Whenever we talk about the festival of colours, Holi, a visual of bombarding reds, blues, greens, purples and yellows come to mind. The festival brings the country together as a big canvas with colours exploding at every inch of it.


Holi is celebrated as the arrival of spring which is celebrated across India as well as Nepal. With Holi, there come three myths associated with it involving Vishnu, Krishna or Shiva. In various parts of the country, people celebrate Holi with a focus on different beliefs. Despite all this, the beauty of the festival brings the whole country together to celebrate the day.


Holi celebrations are started with Holika Dehan just a day before Holi. This is characterized by bonfires being built, worshipped and lit. This is believed to perish all the negatives thoughts and feelings. People sing, dance, pray, and start celebrating Holi by throwing colours at one another. The day is filled with jovial spirit and celebration of beliefs.


In the majority of parts of the country, you cannot go more than a few feet without getting into a burst of colourful powders and liquids. The joyful look it brings on people’s faces is cherishable. For Gallerist, Holi is an important festival that brings happiness and joy to everyone. Moreover, it brings out the creative spirit of the artists at all times.


With Holi round the corner, you might be sticking loads of paints, colours, water balloons and more. This marks an exceptional time where you can introduce a pop of colours to your home as well. It would keep up with your festive spirit while adding a colourful gist to your surroundings.


Paintings are a magnificent way of bringing colours to your home. Bundled with sheer elegance and sophistication, Holi paintings are an innovative way to cheer up your surroundings and fuel your happy festive spirit.


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