As the great pioneer of art Pablo Picasso said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Likewise, the digital age has dawned upon us, and if you are still waiting for the annual art exhibitions to come around, you are surely letting your masterpiece accumulate dust on its fine details. There were times when would moon over the overtly scrupulous sculptures and respiratory painting in some heritage museum, but we adopted! And with it, our style, imagination and (not to mention) our defining strokes too. Technology took over, and now there are ‘n’ number of ways to create (and sell) artwork from a-to- z.

A lot has changed in recent years from getting art tools online to global marketplaces for art.Selling original art online has now emerged to be a crossroad occupation where talent, commerce, and beauty interject. And intercepting that interjection is as imperative as procuring a muse for your artwork.

India, being a secular and a developing country, is strong with a 1.3 billion population and there are a million portals for every other thing. Amidst that, finding the right portal to sell your work online can save you a lot of trouble and even fetch you a fair value.

The first step to make your mark would be to create your own website or at least sign up for the numerous group art websites (like that will give a name to your artwork (figuratively) and a platform where arthusiasts can look you up. However, the flipside to establishing shop on a group website is you have to be cautious that your online location is controlled and maintained by you. But this won’t help you sell your art; you need to generate traffic to get revenue/recognition, which will allow your artwork to stand out from the thousands of others.

Considering the economical feasibility, social media has to offer; you can publicize and promote your artwork to reinforce your sales. To make things more interesting, you can start a blog/discussion/forum, which will call for your enterprising skills and make you more engaged and personal with your audience. There are other avenues like free websites and fee-based multi-artist web hosts that you can explore, but you have to go through the tedious process of SEO management that will bring up your art search above that of your competitors.

The temptation of displaying your work can be overwhelming, but don’t dump all your work in the same gallery, save some for later; when you get a decent audience to look you up. In conclusion, make sure your displayed work is available for sale and at a fair standard price.