India is a country known for its cultural diversity and that diversity can be observed in Indian religions, cuisines, languages, festivities, etc. When we talk about festivities, the image that immediately comes to mind is the pomp & fervor with which every festival is celebrated across different parts of India.

‘Gifting’ is one thing that is synonymous for every festival, irrespective of the festival that is celebrated. Finding a perfect gift is a daunting task and as the festive season approaches, so does the dilemma on what to gift your loved ones. As family and friends start gathering to celebrate the spirit of the festivities, many of them start running from pillar to post to find the right way to show their love and affection. Gifts are one way in which you can express your love & affection for the other person; hence you refrain from gifting something which may not carry those sentiments.

Many people shy away from giving art as a gift because it is personal and subjective but so are a lot of other things people give as gifts. Giving art is one of the most original, thoughtful and fun things you can gift.

Each piece of art carries a powerful and unique expression as per the visualization of the creator/artist and the same holds good for the person who would own that art. The art you give shows how much you care about the person - their individuality, beliefs, feelings, hopes, convictions, and philosophies. ‘Painting’ is one art form which is considered an ideal gifting option during the festivity season.

Apart from short-listing a painting that would fulfill all your requirements, the other challenge is to identify a piece of genuine art. You do not want to spoil your mood by gifting an artwork that is mediocre in nature i.e. in terms of quality and price. If you are an art collector, you would have an eye for detail which makes it easy for you to identify a ‘genuine painting’. Gallerist is an online art gallery that bridges the gap between art & art admirers. The platform has ‘verified artists’ who have an immense amount of expertise in their preferred art form.

You could choose from a range of paintings - Abstract paintings, Nature paintings, Cubist paintings, Modern art paintings, Madhubani paintings, Warli paintings, Contemporary paintings, Tanjore paintings, Minimalist paintings, Radha Krishna paintings, Nature paintings, etc. You can choose the right piece of art by browsing through the Gallery. Whether it is traditional folk art paintings or painting forms like Madhubani/Warli that has been around for many years, you can find every option on Gallerist. The Gallerist team can guide you to select the right kind of painting that suits your budget & requirements.

Gallerist provides a platform for talented artists to showcase their work and ‘buyers’ (Art collectors & Art enthusiasts) get quality artwork under one umbrella. Artists on Gallerist also get an opportunity to learn from fellow artists hence, it is becoming a preferred platform where artists upload their Artwork.

If you are planning to gift your near & dear ones ‘quality & genuine artwork’, you could gift a painting online on Gallerist. Whether you are an art collector or art enthusiast, there is something in store for everyone on Gallerist.