"Great ideas always come to people who have an open mindset since they have the urge to learn"  Mr. Joginder Chhatwal


Mr. J.K. Chhatwal was born on 21st August 1947 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. After thirteen days of his birth, his entire family migrated to Delhi, India.

He studied in the St. Anthony School in Delhi up to the 5th standard and rest of the schooling he did from the Government Higher Secondary School, Delhi. It was during his school days, he realized that somewhere he has interest for drawing and painting. He started painting from 8th class onwards for the school and received a lot of appreciation from his teachers & classmates. This motivated me to do much better in the field of painting. He has won a number of prizes in painting competitions that were held in his school. He completed his graduation with majors in Science in the year 1967. Though he graduated from the Science stream, he still continued to explore his creative side via drawings & paintings.

In the year 1967, he joined his father’s business which was into Paints. In the year 1974, he got an agency license for marketing British Paints & Sigma Paints in India. Since he was successful in the business, he decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge and established his own paint manufacturing plant in the year 1980. He believes that people should always step out from their comfort zones as it provides them with a golden opportunity to learn and make mistakes. The important part is that you should learn from each mistake and make a point that the same mistake is never repeated!

In the year 1991, he established a textile printing unit. As you have observed, all his ventures were around colors/paints hence in some manner, he was still connected to art. As it is rightly said, ‘Once an artist, always an artist’ J and being a creative person, he used to regularly dabble with hand paintings whenever he had free time. This was one way to fulfill the creative urge and stay connected to the beautiful world of art & painting. Though he still manages his textile and paints business, he finds time from his busy schedule to play around with colors and come up with different types of hand paintings.

Artworks :-

He enjoys painting on Canvas and his forte is Landscape Paintings, Nature Paintings, and Modern Art Paintings. Mr. Chhatwal is of the belief that an artist can come up with his/her best work in the serenity of nature. Many of his paintings are based on Nature and Wildlife. He has also dabbled with Figurative Paintings and is of the opinion that artists can get inspiration & ideas for ‘Figurative Paintings’ from their own surroundings by observing the lives of different kinds of people.

Since Lord Ganesha is considered as Karta Harta, he has a special place for Lord Ganesha in his heart. He has a number of paintings depicting different facets of Lord Ganesha which would be an ideal pick for someone who is looking for positivity. His artwork also includes paintings depicting the soulful relationship between Radha & Krishna. A painting aptly titled ‘Spiritual Beauties of love’ is a great piece of work that showcases their pure relationship.   

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We are sure that you loved listening to multi-faceted Mr. Chhatwal’s story. His artwork is as amazing as his life-story, you can check out his entire collection here.